If you ask a lady the amount of shoes she owns or that are a necessity for her wardrobe, she would probably give you an amount above ten. But for guys, the number is always way less. All men should at least make efforts in these types of shoes below and should be utilized depending on the various events that may arise.

They include:

Dress shoes
These are essential for all men who work in a corporate environment where business meetings and formal dressing is the norm. They are also useful for weddings, and theses kind of shoes are certain to ensure you fit into any event that requires you to dress formally.

Weekends are when most men relax. But that doesn’t mean you may not have a reason to head out. You don’t want to put on office shoes to the mall, so it is ideal you invest some funds in a great pair of sneakers. A great sneaker would ensure you stand out and look great even with your casual getup.

Casual office shoes
These are shoes that are in between sneakers and formal shoes. They are great for when you have to attend an event with a business casual dress code. You can invest in quality loafers or similar kind of shoes for this category.

A pair of Boots
You do not need to be a hunter or hiker to own a quality pair of boots. The way boots are designed ensures they can be utilized for a variety of purposes. They can be worn alongside your casual get ups or utilized during the weekends. They are also great for keeping your feet warm during the cold season. A pair of boot is something all men should endeavor to own.

Certainly, these tips are essential and would assist in enhancing your style. But there are no set rules as to how many foot wears men should own or the kind to buy. It all boils down to your style of dressing.

If you don’t work in a formal environment or don’t attend formal events, there is no point investing in dress shoes. It’s great to spend in the shoes you need. The list above would aid you in selecting the kind of shoes you need for an event or what kind you might need if the event arises.

Footwear all men should own