Must See Places in Turkmenistan

The ancient country of Turkmenistan is a humble beauty locked in all sides with land and desert except on the west borders the Caspian Sea. It’s a popular stopover in the famous Silk Road in mid-15th century and is full of ancient treasure troves amidst the Kara Kum Desert. It has a vast land area but only sparsely populated. Not a lot is known about this magnificent country so read through our list of places to see if ever you visit Turkmenistan.


The ancient city of Merv was one of the famous oases in the famed Silk Road and was considered the largest city in the world before it fell into ruins by Mongol invasion. The glorious city crumbled with almost all of its inhabitants swept in the carnage. But when UNESCO acknowledge the Ancient Merv as one World Heritage Site in 1999, efforts of uncovering the magnificent history was rewarded by an impressive archeological finds. Transportation is key when visiting the site and you can arrange it on the nearby city, Mary.


The most eccentric place where you can get hitched is this Wedding Palace in the city of Ashgabat. It is a white palace with the lower floors architecturally designed to be stars that do not overlap and the most unusual of them all is the huge globe disco ball enclosed in a frame that resembles the 8-sided Turkmen star. All 11 floors are composed of offices and venues for couples who wants to tie the knot legally, with the grandest wedding venue being in the middle of the colossal globe.


Since Turkmenistan is not on the list of famous tourist destinations, only a few lucky tourists have seen its splendor. To those brave souls who wandered here and visited the Yangkala Canyon then consider yourselves very lucky. Across the desert is a place that looks like a vista from Mars because of its vibrant reddish hues and strange formation. Go up a rock formation called “Crocodile’s Mouth” and get the best panoramic view of the whole canyon. You can also consider camping here to witness the glorious sunset and sunrise.


This is probably the most famous place in the whole country but for sure not a lot of people who are aware of the Gates of Hell, really know that it is in Turkmenistan. For over 40 years, this 230-feet crater somewhere in the Kara Kum Desert had been continuously burning. A fire pit caused by a drilling accident had gained the moniker “The Gates of Hell”. Its blaze doesn’t seem to falter over the years and people trek to this remote hole just to see its intensity.

How men should dress for a formal event

When it comes preparing for a formal event, the preparation begins with what to wear to grace the occasion. It’s a lot easier if it’s for a casual outing, but an official event requires one to dress to fit the occasion. So, the knowledge of the occasion can help put you in proper dress code alignment for the formal event.

Some of these events include;

Black tie events
Most of the great events welcome a dress code with Black Tie. A good knowledge of how to combine your wears with this to bring an exceptional appearance is your leverage. The diverse traditional Black Tie dress code types usually feature Warm Weather Black Tie with a white jacket instead of black. At times this combination may be engaged for a formal summer outing.

Once in a while if you have to attend events such as company award dinners, formal wedding, company awards dinners, evening wedding and other private dinners, you may be required to don a tuxedo.

At the moment, the standard remains a classic black tuxedo for these events. A typical tuxedo jacket would have a button with a single breasted design of a satin peak lapel. It must be without a vent. To complement all, it’s compulsory to put on black patent leather oxfords as well as a black bow tie. With this, you’re good to go, but in case you want to add more to your elegance, a nice looking white pocket square or a well-tied opera scarf will make the day.

Black Tie Optional
Well since all guests may likely not have a tuxedo, the guest may fabricate a dress code to incorporate everyone into the fun. This is the more reason why the heading uses the word “optional” in the title. At such events, a polished black suit is acceptable instead of the tuxedo.

Although a Black Tie Optional events have relaxed rules on the wears, it is nonetheless still formal in nature. You may still showcase your personal style with your accessories. Take note that a well-polished shoe and a good tie remains mandatory. In place of a bow tie, you may use a classic necktie with classy lapel flower or a good tie bar. Tie bar placement is very essential, and you may check out our tie bars ultimate guide especially if you love it. Most of the time, it is likely you find yourself in this category at formal dinners, weddings, stylish events including galas.

Black Tie Creative
Interestingly, the standard Black Tie variation enables the spirit of festivity to take full course at the party. Being creative with the Black Tie is a way to show what you’ve with your personal style. You can be able to showcase your accessories, color including collar as well as lapel style. You can come up with something unusual like uncommon shawl lapel.

A saturated maroon or midnight blue colored slim cut tuxedo is not a bad idea at all. It’s not out of place if you take a colored wingtip shoe with a colored jacket. You may even bring in your creativity to the color of shirt, that is you may show up with a black colored shirt.Likewise in a category such as this, a bow tie that is light color is great.

Footwear all men should own

If you ask a lady the amount of shoes she owns or that are a necessity for her wardrobe, she would probably give you an amount above ten. But for guys, the number is always way less. All men should at least make efforts in these types of shoes below and should be utilized depending on the various events that may arise.

They include:

Dress shoes
These are essential for all men who work in a corporate environment where business meetings and formal dressing is the norm. They are also useful for weddings, and theses kind of shoes are certain to ensure you fit into any event that requires you to dress formally.

Weekends are when most men relax. But that doesn’t mean you may not have a reason to head out. You don’t want to put on office shoes to the mall, so it is ideal you invest some funds in a great pair of sneakers. A great sneaker would ensure you stand out and look great even with your casual getup.

Casual office shoes
These are shoes that are in between sneakers and formal shoes. They are great for when you have to attend an event with a business casual dress code. You can invest in quality loafers or similar kind of shoes for this category.

A pair of Boots
You do not need to be a hunter or hiker to own a quality pair of boots. The way boots are designed ensures they can be utilized for a variety of purposes. They can be worn alongside your casual get ups or utilized during the weekends. They are also great for keeping your feet warm during the cold season. A pair of boot is something all men should endeavor to own.

Certainly, these tips are essential and would assist in enhancing your style. But there are no set rules as to how many foot wears men should own or the kind to buy. It all boils down to your style of dressing.

If you don’t work in a formal environment or don’t attend formal events, there is no point investing in dress shoes. It’s great to spend in the shoes you need. The list above would aid you in selecting the kind of shoes you need for an event or what kind you might need if the event arises.

How to Dress Casual for men

The idea of casual dressing for men is to select clothes that are not made for any specific purpose and are designed with quality cut and material. Depending on what even you are getting dressed for, a casual outfit to head to the grocery store would be different from a casual outfit to an event or a party.

So what should a casual dress be made up of exactly? In the event, you desire to add some casual dresses to your wardrobe? The following are some of the essential items you should invest in if you want to attain casual dressing, they include;

A pair of Jeans

  • A great pair of jeans should be comfortable and must fit you properly. Pick a jean that is simple over jeans that have excessive design details or excessively ripped. A jean which is slim and well fitted can go well with almost all body types and can be worn alongside anything ranging from a jacket, t-shirt or a blazer. Jeans are a great alternative to putting on suit dress pants if you desire a casual look.

    Casual T-shirts

  • A plain casual T-shirt with shades of gray, black or white would go well with all you have in your wardrobe. They can be worn on blazers, or coat alongside any trouser or jean. This attire has become a staple for the executives at a mudjacking Edmonton company as it allows them to really relate to their clients. There are endless combinations you can attain from a casual t-shirt.


  • An ideal casual shoe for most men is a trainer. Its strength in endurance and performance makes it a great shoe to utilize for men searching for a means to dress casually. Trainers can be worn with almost any combination. If you are not after a color that is too flashy, white or black with minimal design would be the ideal choice for you. If you are a much younger guy, you can choose trainers made of materials that are more sportier like leather or mesh depending on requirements.

    For men, learning how to dress casually is very crucial. Although a dressing style is finally dependent on the style of the individual, the above are certain to assist any man trying to make a choice on how to stock his wardrobe for casual dressing.

  • How men should dress for various events

    Locating the appropriate clothes for an event may be challenging for the majority of men. You do not want to appear too casual neither do you want to seem overdressed for the occasion.

    You want to fit into the environment, so you want to stay away from anything too flashy. Below are some of the most common kinds of events and how to dress appropriately for them.

    They include:

    Black Tie
    These events are made up of galas and fundraisers, and a formal wear is ideal to be worn in this kind of event. Most of the invitations for this kind of event usually place a dress code on the invite so you don’t have to be bothered about wondering how you should dress.
    For a black-tie event, a black bow tie alongside a black tuxedo should be worn. You can make efforts to rent a tuxedo if you don’t have one. Alternatively, you can put on a black suit alongside a vest with the same material as your suit alongside a black tie and a plain white button up shirt. You can go a step further by adding a pocket square to make a remarkable combination.

    Business Professional
    These include business events, interviews, and conferences among others. Some organizations also have a business professional dress code for their staff, so it is crucial to check out the requirements of an organization before you begin a new job.

    Business professional means a suit that is dark colored, brown or black leather dress shoe which is dependent on the suit color. You can also mix up colors with your tie and shirt but avoid anything too fancy as you want to look as professional as possible and want to be remembered for your professionalism, not your dressing style.

    Business Casual
    A majority of organizations utilize the business casual which could be mostly on weekends. It can be a button up shirt and a pair of jean or chinos. You can also make use of well-ironed suit pants with a collared shirt alongside a suit jacket or blazer. A tie is not important for a casual business setup. You can also utilize less flashy bright colors.

    The above are guidelines which are certain to assist men in dressing appropriately to various functions they might have to attend and fit in with the environment.


    Accessories all men should have

    When it has to do with accessories, men have a limited amount of options to select from in comparison to women. We have to take advantage of the available styles. Nonetheless, Even though our options are limited, we can utilize them in adding style to out daily outfits and still look great. Aside from making sure you have a fresh hair cut, these are the must have accessories for men.

    The following are some of the accessories that every man should at least invest some of his money into having. They include;

    The higher the amount of ties owned by a man the better for him. But men have to exercise caution when selecting their ties and ensure they go for quality ones. This is because if you go for one that has low quality, they won’t look good when paired with a luxurious suit and shirt. It’s ideal to invest in the kind that fits your budget but doesn’t compromise quality.
    There are a variety of colors to pick from, but a Navy blue tie will match a majority of your suits.

    Wrist watch
    For most men, this is the most crucial accessory for the hand that they can invest in and it is a great addition if you choose one with great quality. It is better if you own one watch that is great and of high quality than numerous watches of low quality. It will be unfortunate if you have a remarkable outfit only to be wrecked by a wristwatch that does not look good.

    This would assist you in keeping your cash and important documents organized and in one location. Before buying a wallet, it’s great to know reliable brand names and select one that would go well with your style.

    This is ideal for the cold months if you have an important event you can’t avoid attending. It will assist in helping you stay warm and prevent you from contracting illnesses and other infections. A black pair of gloves would go along with almost any dress combination without sabotaging your look.

    Although the above are just some of the accessories that men should have, all men should make efforts to invest in some of the accessories above to enable them to elevate their style.

    Fashion tips for men

    A lot of young guys grow to become men without having an idea on the proper way to dress. The first step to becoming a professional is sharp dressing. Although a man is not made by how he dresses, the appropriate clothes can ensure you get a listening ear from a person who normally wouldn’t have listened.

    Regardless of what you do for a living, it is crucial to pay attention to how you dress as this would ensure people give you the benefit of the doubt.
    The following are some fashion tips for men to enable them to dress better.

    Remain simple:

    It is the desire of everyone to have a wardrobe that looks great on them, but it makes no sense to go overboard in the process. Except you are a musician or in a band, there is no point dressing like a rock star. Don’t riddle your outfit with excessive jewelry.

    If you desire a flashy look, putting on a blazer or a suit would be adequate. You can add a pair of jeans alongside a wristwatch and the dress shoes you find the sharpest.

    Fitted clothes are gold:

    Putting on fitted clothes can significantly enhance your style and ensure everything looks good. A lot of men wear clothes that are too large which don’t look that good for most of them. Ensure all your clothes are almost clinging to your body shape without it being too tight. Wearing clothes with terrible fit can be to the detriment of your style.

    Invest in quality footwear:

    Beginning from the ground up, wearing fitting footwear is a crucial step to dressing stylishly. Most people would first look at your shoes before your clothes. If you do not own a great pair of shoes, make plans and invest in a great pair as they tend to cost a significant amount of cash.
    Although great shoes do not come cheap, you won’t regret investing in one as they last for a long period if well maintained and cleaned. Quality shoes would ensure you look great and they are very crucial for any man.

    Although fashion is based on what a person desires or what fits, the above are guidelines to ensure that regardless of the kind of clothes you like, you will always remain stylish.